Tamils live all around the world. India and Sri Lanka have been traditional homeland of Tamils. Canada has the largest population outside of these two countries. Most of the Tamils have settled in and around the City of Toronto, Ontario. However, there is also a large population of Tamils in Vancouver, British Colombia and Montreal, Quebec. The Region of Waterloo and City of Guelph have a steady growth since early eighties. Most of them are professionals, Industrial workers and University students. There is about 600 families of Tamils in this region. They are mostly from Sri Lanka and South India.

In 1989, Our tri-City area ( Kitchener – Waterloo – Cambridge ) Tamil community leaders decided to form an organisation called ” Tamil Heritage School ” to promote language and Culture in this region.  Later in 2001, Tamil Heritage school was re-named as Tamil Cultural Association of Waterloo Region and the first South Asian Performing arts festival, Tamil Cultural Nite was inaugurated at the Humanities Theater, University of Waterloo.

Also, In the year 2001, the neighboring Tamils from the City of Guelph joined hands with the association. The association was later incorporated as a Non-Profit Organisation under the Ontario Corporation # 1509837.

Over the years, the association has donated goods and services to Nunnavil Children’s Centre, Jaffna., Ind. Rs 25,000 to fire victim in Trichy, South India., Cash donation to Ramakrishna Mission children’s Library – Batticaloa, Sri Lanka., St. John’s Soup Kitchen in Kitchener, ON., Rotary Club of Cambridge, ON.

2004 was a significant year for the association. TCAWR raised a total of $123,000 on behalf of Canadian Red Cross during Tsunami disaster. Relief materials and Cash donations were given to the victims in Sri Lanka and India. In 2015, Funds were distributed to the victims of Chennai flood.

Tamil community from Brantford joined the association in 2011. In the same year, the association re-established the Tamil language school. Waterloo Regional District School Board helped establish the center in Cambridge.

The association took the leadership to participate at the KW Multicultural festival. It is the region’s largest multicultural festival and an Indian & Sri Lankan food stall was established in 2012 and Waterloo Region’s Diversity Awards in 2014.

TCAWR is a Non-Profit, Non-Denominational, Non-Political community organisation promoting Arts, Culture, Language and Community services in the region. The membership include Tamils from Canada, Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia.

Executive Committee 2019 – 2021

 President  Secretary  Treasurer
 Yoga Arumugam  Dennis Loyola  Ken Srishanker
 Vice President  Joint Secretary  Joint Treasurer
 Dharini Sivakumar  Kalai Kannappan  Siva Kumar
 Committee  : Mrs. Indra Logendran – Director of Cultural Affairs, Mr. Arunasalam Athithan, Mrs. Rajivi Nadarajah, Mrs. Shyamala Venkatram, Mr. Ragu Sivaramakrshnan, Mrs. Sathya Raj, Mrs. Shanthi Durai, Mr. K. Karthikeyan, Mr. T. Senthikumar, Miss. Ramya Ramachandran, Mr. Kishore Raj.
 Auditor  :  Mr. Suresh Abraham

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Executive Committee 2017 – 2019

 President  Secretary  Treasurer
 Ragu Sivaramakrishnan  Dennis Loyola  Ken Srishanker
 Vice President  Joint Secretary  Joint Treasurer
 Rajivi Nadarajah  Kalai Kannappan  Siva Kumar
 Committee  : Mrs. Indra Logendran – Director of Cultural Affairs, Mr. Arunasalam Athithan, Mrs. Shyamala Venkatram, Mrs. Latha Pillai, Mrs. Sathya Raj, Mrs. Yoga Arumugam.
 Auditor  :  Mr. Suresh Abraham

Executive Committee 2015-2017

 President  Secretary  Treasurer
 Dharini Kumar  Ramya Joseph  Dennis Loyola
 Vice President  Joint Secretary

Joint Treasurer

 Mr. Ragu Krishnan  Mrs. Gaja Lakshumi Subram

Mr. Ken Srishankar

Committee members : Mrs. Indra Logendran – Director of Cultural Affairs Sivakumar Somasundram Mr. Arunasalam Athithan Mr. Thurai Gopalakrishnan (2016) Mrs. Kunamalar Ekambramurthy Mr. Mayilvahanan Subramaniam Mrs. Rajivi Nadarajah
Auditor : Mr. Suresh Abraham

Executive Committee 2013 – 2015

President Secretary Treasurer
Rajivi Nadarajah Siva Kumar Ram Ramdoss
Vice President : Mr. Bala Thambypillai
Joint Secretary : Mrs. Ramya Joseph
Joint Treasurer : Mr. Suresh Abraham
Committee members : Mrs. Indra Logendran – Director of Cultural Affairs Prof. Pala Kannapan Mrs. Vinoba Chenthil Mrs. Sooganthy Nadarajah Mr. Arunasalam Athithanz Mr. Subbu Subramaniyam (2013) Mr. Kannan Premanand (2013) Mr. Ragu Sivaramakrishnan Mrs. Gaja Lakshumy Subram
Auditor : Mr. Dennis Loyola

Executive Committee 2011 – 2013

President Secretary Treasurer
Indra Logendran Dharini Sivakumar Nagul Sundram
Vice President : Mrs. Rajivi Nadarajah
Joint Secretary : Mrs. Rathy Abraham
Joint Treasurer : Mr. Ram Ramdoss
Committee members : Mrs. Suneetha Prakash – Director of Cultural Affairs Mr. Somasundram Sivakumar – Director of Public Relations Prof. Pala Kannapan Mr. Suresh Abraham Mr. Prakash Venkataraman Mr. Dennis Loyola Mr. Arunasalam Athithan Mr. Subbu Subramaniyam Mr. Ragu Sivaramakrishnan Mr. Vikram Krishnan (2011)
Auditor : Mr. Bala Thambypillai

Executive Committee 2009 – 2011

President Secretary Treasurer
Prakash Venkataraman Dennis Loyola Nagul Sundram
Vice President : Mr. Venkat Ramachandran
Joint Secretary : Mrs. Rajivi Nadarajah
Joint Treasurer : Mr. Ram Ramdoss
Committee members : Mr. Sivakumar – Director of Public Relations Mrs. Indra Logendran – Director of Cultural Affairs Prof. Pala Kannapan Mr. Suresh Abraham Mr. Arunasalam Athithan Mr. Subbu Subramaniyam Mrs. Rathy Abraham
Auditor : Mr. Bala Thambypillai

Executive Committee 2007 – 2009

President Secretary Treasurer
Sivakumar S Rajivi Nadarajah Bala Thambypillai
Vice President : Mrs. Indra Logendran
Joint Secretary : Mr. Prakash Venkataraman
Joint Treasurer : Mr.Nagul Sundram
Committee members : Mr. Dennis Loyola – Director of Social Events, Prof. Pala Kannapan, Mr. Suresh Abraham, Mr. Thevaker Athithan, Mr. Venkat Ramachandran, Mr. Rajinikanth Ruthiran,
Auditor : Mr. Ram Ramdoss

Executive Committee 2005 – 2007

President : Mr. Suresh Abraham
Vice President : Mrs. Indra Logendran
Secretary : Mrs. Dharini Sivakumar
Asst. Secretary : Mr. Suresh Sinnadurai
Treasurer : Mr. Bala Thambypillai
Asst. Treasurer : Mr. Gnanasegar Sivagnanam
Committee members : Prof. Pala Kannapan Mr. A. Athithan Mrs. Indra Logendran – Director of Cultural Affairs Mr. Somasundram Sivakumar – Director of Social Affairs Mr. Bala Thambypillai – Director of Public Affairs
Auditor : Mr. Ram Ramdoss

Executive Committee 2003 – 2005

President : Mr. T. Balakrishnan
Vice President : Mr. Masil C. Francis
Secretary : Mrs. Praba Ravichandran
Asst. Secretary : Mr. Somasundram Sivakumar
Treasurer : Mr. Suresh Abraham
Asst. Treasurer : Mr. S.Sivakumaran
Committee members : Prof. K. Ponnambalam Prof. Pala Kannappan Prof. S.T. Ariaratnam Dr. Punidadas Piyasena Mr. Arunasalam Athithan Mrs. Indra Logendran Mr. Sinnadurai Sureshwaran Mr. Dennis Loyola Mr. M. Sivendran Mrs. Indra Logendran – Director of Cultural Affairs Mr. Somasundram Sivakumar – Director of Social Affairs Mr. Kuna Kunasekaran – Director of Public Affairs

Executive Committee 2001 – 2003

President Secretary Treasurer
Kuna Kunasekaran Rajivi Nadarajah Bala Thambypillai
Vice President : Dr. Puni Piyasena
Joint Secretary : Mr. S. Puvanenthira Rajah
Joint Treasurer :
Committee members : Prof. K. Ponnambalam Prof. C.R. Selvakumar Prof. S.T. Ariaratnam Mr. M.C. Francis Mr. Arunasalam Athithan Mrs. S. Sitganeshan Mrs. M. Karunananthan Mrs. S. Gnanasunderam Miss. Abi Balakrishnan
Auditor :

Recognizing that arts, culture and Language are essential to a vibrant civic life and sustained economic growth, the Tamil Cultural association advocates and promotes cultural activities, with the goals of:

  • nurturing a climate in the Region of Waterloo in which the arts and culture can thrive;
  • Enriching the aesthetic environment of the Region of Waterloo and the surrounding region by facilitating and sustaining a vibrant cultural life;
  • Promoting the direct economic benefits of the arts, through participation in the Multi-Cultural Organisations and Committee for the Arts and other activities;
  • Celebrating the value of diverse cultures and helping our community understand its place in the world by maintaining Sister City relationships and sponsoring international cultural activities
  • Promote and nurture Tamil language among the Tamil community and fellow Canadians;
  • Raising funds for community events.


Waterloo region’s first Tamil language class was started in 1987 with the support of Prof. Pala Kannappan, Prof. Selvakumar and Mrs.Pushpa Seevaratnam. It was held at Victoria Public School, down town Kitchener.

The first Tamil Variety show & Social Hour was held on December 5th, 1987 at Keatsway Public School, Waterloo.

Tamil Class was re-activated in 2000 at St.John’s School, Guelph under the ILP program. Mrs. Padhmini Swaminathan was the first teacher. In the following year it was moved to St.Peter’s School, Guelph and sucessive teachers were Shayamala Navam, Dharini Sivakumar and Shanthi Rajan. Classes discontinued in 2005 due to lack of students.

In 2011, Waterloo District School board in conjuction with Tamil Cultural Association recommenced the Tamil class at Hespler Public School, Cambridge. Mrs.E. Kunamalar is the current teacher.

Tamil Summer Camp 2013 in Kitchener.



Tamil cultural Nite is a South Asian Performing arts festival held at Humanities Theater, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The festival explores traditional Sri Lankan and South Indian Tamil Dance, Music and Drama and places it within the context of contemporary trends and dance styles from other cultures. Each festival is unique and colorful and whether a scholar, dance enthusiast or someone who is interested in expanding their knowledge of Indian cultural traditions.

The association has produced the festival since 2001. Its an annual event showcasing emerging artists from the Region of Waterloo, Guelph and Toronto. The festival creates and supports production and performance opportunities for artists of all levels and collaborations with other organizations and artists. Artists from Toronto and South India make it as their scheduled event.

The festival is sponsored by City of Waterloo, City of Kitchener and City of Cambridge.

Cultural Nite Sponsorship



The aim of Waterloo-Wellington community diversity awards gala is to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the vitality and well-being of the region by honouring them as Champions of Community and Diversity. It’s held as part of TCA’s 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Associations, organizations as well as individuals throughout the Waterloo-Wellington area are welcome to nominate deserving individuals from any field or background. Nominations from the following categories are especially welcome: youth (25 and under); Business; arts & culture; volunteer; and Education.

Saturday, April 26.2014 at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Kitchener, Ontario. 6:00 – 10:00pm

Nomination application and information package. Event supported by:

  • African Canadian Association of Waterloo Region
  • Central Ontario Chinese Cultural Centre
  • El Sombrero Azul – Danzas y Culturas
  • Grand River Malayalee Association
  • Gujarati Cultural Association of Golden Triangle
  • India Canada Association of Waterloo Region
  • Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre
  • MT Space, Multi-Cultural Cinema Club at The Working Centre
  • Neruda Arts and Waterloo Region Chinese Community Association
  • Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre